Seamless Bespoke

Navy/Brown Check Ermenegildo Zegna Wool/Silk Jacketing (2m)


Only 1 piece in stock!

Size: Small - Medium
Fabric Composition: Wool/Silk
Brand of Fabric: Ermenegildo Zegna (Italy)
Fabric Length: 2m
Fabric Width: 60" (150cm)

Purchase can be of fabric alone without workmanship or made up into a Bespoke / House Bespoke odd jacket.

Only 1 length available.

  • Colors and textures of fabrics may have some variations in person as compared to photos
  • Length of fabric suitable for each size is an estimate. Please check with your tailor if you are uncertain on the fabric length you require

Half-canvassed construction
Cut from scratch for each individual client
Inclusive of horn buttons, functional buttonholes and pick stitching
Turnaround time from 4 weeks

House Bespoke:
Full hand canvassed construction
Includes our exclusive Seamless House Cut
Our "House Bespoke" tier will be executed by our top end tailors with superior hand work and finishing from our regular "Bespoke" tier
Done up by our team of Master tailors with a combined experience of over a hundred years in the industry
Turnaround time from 8 weeks

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