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Olive Airplanes Liberty London Cotton Shirting (1.65m)

Size: Small - Large
Fabric Composition: 100% Poplin Cotton
Brand of Fabric: Liberty London (UK)
Fabric Length: 1.65m
Fabric Width: 60" (150cm)

Purchase can be of fabric alone without workmanship or made up into a tailored shirt.

Only 3 lengths available.

  • Colors and textures of fabrics may have some variations in person as compared to photos
  • Length of fabric suitable for each size is an estimate. Please check with your tailor if you are uncertain on the fabric length you require
  • Draft and cut to customer's measurement from scratch
  • 3mm thick Mother of Pearl Buttons
  • Felled Seams
  • Interlining from Germany

Lead time of >1.5 weeks from the day your measurements are taken

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