Head Tailor

Ryan Tay

For Ryan, what started as a passion during his time in university, soon blossomed into a full blown endeavour in the bespoke tailoring industry.

During his time in the local tailoring industry, he has been privileged to be mentored by some of Singapore's most skilful artisans. The invaluable knowledge and experience passed down to him have helped to shape him into the tailor that he is today.

For Ryan, bespoke tailoring is not just about expressing one's individual sense of style through their clothing. It is also a bridge between people, specifically the special relationship between the tailor and customer.

Head Shoemaker

Josh Leong

Having stumbled onto shoemaking in Italy while training to be a leather craftsman, little did Josh realise that it was to be his ultimate obsession and passion.

Upon completing an apprenticeship at Stefano Bemer, one of the top bespoke shoemaking brands in the world, Josh returned to Singapore and established his eponymous bespoke shoe brand, as well as Heirloom by Josh Leong, a line of casual footwear that is available at Seamless Bespoke.

Josh is the in-house bespoke shoemaker at Seamless Bespoke, and is also the curator for the entire range of ready-to-wear footwear available in-store.