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Our Story and Craftmanship

Experience Bespoke Tailoring in Singapore

We're more than just a menswear boutique - we're a passionate collective of artisans dedicated to elevating the art of bespoke tailoring in Singapore.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to educating and empowering our discerning clientele, we believe that true tailoring is not just about achieving the perfect fit - it's about cultivating an entire image, shaping the way people perceives you and how you see yourself.

As a premier bespoke tailor in Singapore, we're here to guide you through the nuances of menswear, and to be an integral part of your personal style journey with tailor made suits in Singapore. Our experienced team is ready to lend their expertise and passion to help you look and feel your absolute best.

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The Bespoke Tailoring Journey

Discover our Client's Journey

Client Chronicles

"Suit pick-up day is always a pleasure with Seamless. Having been a customer since their Lusso days at Peace Center, Seamless is my go-to tailor for that bespoke jacket you can wear with pride.

From picking your suit material to sizing and fittings, you do not feel any pressure or judgement as Faith walks you through your tailoring journey like a good old friend. A few work suits, and of course the life-important wedding suit later, I still look forward to my next visit and my next piece of Seamless Bespoke!"

Lee De Ming

"My husband and I came to Seamless Bespoke after making a failed suit from another tailor. It’s hard to get my husband’s measurements right as he’s on the much taller side, but Faith did it so meticulously and excellently!

My Father-in-Law also made his suit for the wedding here and similarly, had high praises for them. He even ended up tailoring additional clothing for work! I’m so glad we came here because the whole experience was seamless and the outcome was fantastic! They truly live up to their name and I highly recommend them!"

Shayln Wong

“The best tailor I have been to in Singapore, a very personalised service with high quality materials. The end product has exceeded expectations.”

Richard Lamb

"What an amazing experience with Seamless. I was always looking for a tailor for my wedding suit and original tested a few tailors getting shirts made. The attention to detail was top-notch and I decided to go with Seamless. The process was smooth and enjoyable all the way through. They made all the adjustments I requested and the end result was amazing. I am very happy and would definitely recommend them to others."

Elijah Green

"Had excellent service at Seamless Bespoke. Have been there more than a few times and the experience has always been wonderful. Faith provides excellent sartorial advice and my jackets, trousers and shirts fit me perfectly. Highly recommended!"

Jason Lie

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Where to Find Us

16 Ann Siang Road Singapore 069696

Opening Hours

Monday - Wednesday & Friday, 12pm - 730pm
Saturday, 1130pm - 6pm
Closed on Thursdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

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