Head Tailor

Sunny Lim

Stemming from the corporate sector, Sunny’s previous stints at various office environments gives him a valuable insight and understanding of the needs of most everyday office workers.

Despite a steep learning curve transiting into working in a tailoring boutique, his keen curiosity to learn the trade allowed him to pick up a vast amount of knowledge. Within a short span of 2 years, Sunny now takes over the helm at Seamless Bespoke as position of the head tailor.

His cheerful and vibrant character adds a pinch of creativity and playfulness into the creation of his wardrobe (and that of his customers) whilst his prior background in the offices and hospitality field helps him understand the need to balance that with fitting into one’s work environment.

To Sunny, more than the technical skill set of any required tailor, tailoring is a friendship, a process, a journey for both the tailor and the customer.


Ryan Tay

For Ryan, what started as a passion during his time in university, soon blossomed into a full blown endeavour in the bespoke tailoring industry.

During his time in the local tailoring industry, he has been privileged to be mentored by some of Singapore's most skilful artisans. The invaluable knowledge and experience passed down to him have helped to shape him into the tailor that he is today.

For Ryan, bespoke tailoring is not just about expressing one's individual sense of style through their clothing. It is also a bridge between people, specifically the special relationship between the tailor and customer.