Seamless Bespoke

House Bespoke Sports Jacket


House bespoke sports jacket starts from S$1,380.

Pictured is an odd House Bespoke Sports Jacket done up in a wool silk linen fabric from E. Thomas

House Bespoke Sports Jacket inclusive of:

  • Draft and cut to customer's measurement from scratch
  • Muslin Fit (optional)
  • Baste Fitting
  • Natural Buffalo Horn Buttons
  • Pick Stitching
  • Surgeon Cuffs
  • Full Hand Canvassed construction 
  • Exclusive Seamless Bespoke House Cut
  • Only assigned to our utmost experienced Jacket Cutters & Jacket Makers, a stringently curated team with top of the line, precise and exquisite handwork.
  • Ability to take on an execute more complex designs and requests

Lead time of at least 8 weeks from the day your measurements are taken.

Please book an appointment with us here to have your measurements taken at the boutique.

House Bespoke

  • Natural Buffalo Horn Buttons - Complimentary
  • Surgeon's Cuff - Complimentary
  • Pick Stitching - Complimentary
  • Bemberg Lining- Complimentary
  • Barchetta Pocket - Complimentary
  • Special Button Selection - S$20
  • Premium Linings - S$100
  • Half /  Quarter Lining - S$100
  • Double Breasted - S$200
  • Milanese Buttonhole - S$200
  • Tuxedo - S$500
  • Extra Fabric Utilisation

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